Saint Paul’s Epistle.

October 2019 Vol. 6, No. 10


October Birthdays & Anniversaries

October 1 – Max Silvis

October 3 – Helen Mohney – 100!

October 4 – Matthew Cornman

October 10 – Laurie Schreckengost

October 14 – Casey Campbell

October 17 – Jane Englert

October 23 – Eric Stouffer

October 24 – Angie Stouffer

October 26 – Dennis Piccoli

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, please let us know!

Bishop’s Visit to St. Paul’s

The Rt. Rev. Ken Price will be visiting St. Paul’s on Sunday, October 20th. He will be filling in for Bishop McConnell while he is on sabbatical. It is at this time that anyone wishing to be confirmed, received, reaffirmed, or baptized can do so. Please see Pastor Jonathan for more details.

Thank you.


Prayer list

Dennis Piccoli, Frank McKinney, Anne Kinsey & the Rev. Doug Kinsey, the Rev. Canon Shawn Malarkey, Father
Howard & Mary Gillette, Ron Routhrauff, the Rev. Jay & Jenny Geisler, Tami Headland, Linda Lyshol, Bob Shumaker, Anna Lasher, Leita Rosamilia, Carol Cecchi, John Sell, Jr., Bobbi Blinn, Barb Blaniar

Prayer list update

An important part of your worship is the opportunity to pray by name for people in need. We pray for members of our congregation and for many others for whom our prayers are requested. It is during this time that we make a fresh start with the Prayer List included in the Sunday bulletin and the newsletter. In order to keep our prayers current, we are asking for your help. If there is someone whose name you would like to keep on the list, call the office 724-543-5402 or send us an email. The renewed list will only have the names of those have been given to us. We are happy to keep people on the list for as long as necessary, because we know and understand that some needs are on-going. Whenever someone is ready to be removed, please let us know. Thank you.

What’s happening?

“Now when the apostles at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent to them Peter and John, who came down and prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, for he had not yet fallen on any of them, but they had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then they laid their hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit.” ~ Acts 8:14-17

Everything you need to know about the Episcopal Church is contained within our name! Well, almost. In the recent aftermath of the Revolutionary War, our church was formalized in 1789. Before that time, we would have all been disparate members of the Anglican Church of England. This affiliation presented a very patriotic problem! In England, going back to the reformation, the monarch exists as the head of the church. As a new and rebellious nation, we did not want to be offering prayers Sunday by Sunday for the King of England! With that, the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America was born. Our formal name, in its four parts, really does say a great deal about who we, as a church, are:

1.Protestant: Not Catholic, we trace our history of faith to the Reformation in England.

2.Episcopal: We are led by a chief pastor, the Bishop.

3.Church: We are a church.

4.United States of America: There was a war of independence, we won! Each of these parts is important to our collective whole. However, the word Episcopal itself comes from the Greek word episcopos meaning overseer or bishop. This means that the pastoral leadership of a Bishop is so central to our identity as a church that we have it as our name. This was so important that much of the drama in our early history revolved around our need to have

American Bishops locally appointed and consecrated. Bishops are important to who we are. On Sunday, October 20th,

we as a parish, will be visited by The Rt. Rev. Ken Price, our Bishop. Many of you know and remember Bishop Price from his days serving as the provisional Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh in the wake of the split of our Diocese, the leadership glue that held us together! Now while Bishop Dorsey is on sabbatical, Bishop Price is serving in his absence as our Assistant Bishop. The Bishop exists as a representative of the whole church, a powerfully visible reminder that we are not alone, that we are members of a Christian tradition that spans the globe. The Bishop reminds us that we belong. As a significant exercise of this reality, when Bishop Price is among us he will Confirm, Receive, and Re-affirm members of our Parish. In each of these rites, the Bishop lays his hands on the individual and asks the power of the Holy Spirit to bless and sanctify them. Beautifully, we all witness as a person once a “outsider” becomes a “member,” a vital part of the family. I would love to speak with you about taking part in this amazing day. If you have never been confirmed: be confirmed! If you have been previously confirmed in another Christian tradition and now would like to become an Episcopalian: be Received! If you are already a confirmed Episcopalian but have had a particularly challenging year, are undergoing a difficult season of life, or seek to be energized for a new task at hand: be Re-affirmed! This is a spiritually powerful experience and as your pastor, I do not want you to miss out. Know that I love, that I am here for you, and that I want to come along side you as you prayerfully consider participating in these wonderfully Bishop lead leaps of faith.

Your Pastor, Jonathan


Boiler fund report

We have collected $30,845.00 for the new boiler for the Parish Hall. We can be well assured that the children in the Sunday School rooms will be warm this winter. Also, the boiler is being installed as I’m typing this!

Thank you all for your generosity!


On Saturday, October 19th from 4-5PM, St. Paul’s will host another Free Meal. This meal is free to everyone and all are welcome!


The next vestry meeting will be on Thursday, October 17th at 5:30 PM.

Sunday School info

Oct. 6

Teacher: Mary Silvis Helper: Chris Andrews

Teacher: Kelly McConnell Helper: Betty Piccoli

Oct. 13

Teacher: Stephanie Fair Helper: Darlyn Barnett

Teacher: Diane Laughlin Helper: To be determined

Oct. 20

Teacher: Deb Denardo Helper: Ashlei Frederick

Teacher: Diane Laughlin Helper: To be determined

Oct. 27

Teacher: Lisa Anderson Helper: Margy Pracek

Teacher: Mary Silvis Helper: Betty Piccoli

We have been informed that the diocese requires 2 people to be in each classroom at all times.  Therefore, all helpers in the younger class will be needed until class is over.  Also, we are in need of a helper to serve with Kelly until mid-October with the older kids.  After that, Mary Silvis will be teaching that class with a helper still needed.